Popcorn swaddle

Popcorn Swaddle


Comfort, Quality & Sustainability.

At Lè, what goes around your baby matters. Say HI! to our popcorn swaddle that's designed in mind to fit both genders, double YAY! Individual swaddle comes beautifully packed in our Lè natural cotton pouch.



Popcorn swaddle is exclusively designed by Lè and falls under the #Lèfavourites series.

Popcorn swaddle

Gifting Add-ons
  • Swaddle

    • 120 cm x 120 cm
    • Suitable for age 0-4
    • 70% Natural Bamboo, 30% Natural cotton
    • The fabric properties make it hypoallergenic and durable
    • Soft, lightweight and breathable
    • Keep your little one warm during the night and cool during the day, perfect for our daily climate and everyday use
    • Option to use it as a swaddle, baby blanket, stroller and nursing cover

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