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Caring Instructions

Be it a swaddle, bib or any accompaniment from Lè, we center around delicate cotton, bamboo fibres, and other materials that are 100% certified safe and toxic-free. Here are some tips to guide you on taking care of your Lè products, and how they can last longer.

For instructions on a specific product, please head over to the product page. 

What goes around ( Eg, Swaddles,Blankets etc)

  • Cold machine wash

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Do not bleach 

  • Warm iron

  • Place them in a laundry bag before throwing it into the washer​

What goes inside / near the mouth ( Eg, Teethers, Pacifier Clip etc)

  • Clean with a damp cloth or wash under running water

  • Do not boil or soak in hot water

  • Use only gentle mild soap 

  • Fully dry before use

  • Store in a cool dry place 

  • Refrigerate teethers before use to provide greater teething relief

What lies around

  • ​Books should be wiped daily to prevent the accumulation of dust

  • Toys should be wipe and dry indoor regularly

  • Option to place toys in a laundry bag before throwing it into the washer

  • Toys with music should not be soaked in water, or dry directly under the sun

Should you have any suggestions or comments, we love to hear it! Kindly contact us at:

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